• We accompany critically ill and dying people and their family members, irrespective of their beliefs, nationality of philosophy of life. Tolerance and empathy are intrinsic to our work.
  • We offer spiritual companionship, help organise your care and offer advice on selecting the right home care supplies (medicine, beds, wheelchairs etc.).
  • We support and relieve family members and carers by visiting patients at home, in hospital or on the nursing ward.
  • We also support you during your time of grieving.
  • We are working on a voluntary basis and subject to the pledge of secrecy and work on a voluntary basis. There are no costs involved for the dying or their family.
  • We are planning on educate “interpreters” for mobile multilingual hospice service to improve intercultural and linguistic communication.
  • The courses will be given in different languages.
  • We also offer further education to various subjects as for voluntary companions and for those who accompany people in grief. Of course courses for supervision are provided, too.