Your Support/Membership

What we need is your involvement - because coming alongside also means helping people along the journey!
We are looking for friends and relatives, who will promote our end-of-life care, as well as carers and physicians willing to lend their support to our work. We welcome sponsors and multipliers who are willing to back the concept of an intercultural hospice.

We would like to address people with East Asian background in particular.

 You can support Dong Heng by:

  • Your donating funds that will not only make out voluntary work possible in the first instance but also ensure its continuation in the long term.
    your voluntary work; we will provide basic and further training.
  • mentioning our donations account and our website to friends, acquaintances or at business events
  • active or passive membership in our association.

If you would like to donate, please click on “Donation”

We would be pleased, if you become member of DONG BAN JA and thereby support us. To become member of our provider Humanistischer Verband Deutschland, please click on the Link “Becoming Member”.